Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Who am I and what can you expect from this course?

    • Meet midwife Marley

  • 2


    • Birth choices

    • Birth plan

    • Choosing the right environment

    • Why there's really no need to worry

    • Mindset & Breathing

    • Is it going to hurt?

    • Pain relief options

    • Two questions you need to ask before the baby arrives

  • 3

    Becoming a mother

    • Am I going to be a good parent?

    • Immediate postpartum

    • First weeks of being a new mother

    • How you & your life change after becoming a parent

    • Should I breastfeed or bottle feed?

    • Three reasons to ask for help

    • How to deal with challenging behaviour in babies and sleepless nights?

    • How to deal with the overwhelming advice

    • How to get help without paying a single penny

    • 5 parenting facts most parents find out TOO LATE

  • 4

    Your mental health

    • Baby blues and Postnatal depression – what is it?

    • Postnatal depression on social media vs. in real life

    • My postnatal depression story

    • How can I reduce the risks/symptoms of postnatal depression?

    • When should I seek professional help

    • Burn this into your brain!

  • 5


    • Gold rule #1 you need to remember!

    • Common mistakes you want to avoid

    • Bulletproof tips on how to keep your relationship strong (or make it stronger than ever)

    • What should I do if my partner doesn't help - a male's view (PART 1)

    • What should I do if my partner doesn't help - a male's view (PART 2)

  • 6

    Friends & Family

    • How your surrounding will (most likely) treat you…

    • … and what to do about it!

    • Tips for your friends & family (you can thank me later)

  • 7


    • 14 Secrets for happy motherhood

    • 50 Quick Tricks to Feel Better Instantly

    • A sneak peek into the real daily routine of a new mum

  • 8

    Next steps

    • Congrats! Here's what's next...

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

Watch Intro Video


What can you expect from this course?

Hi, beautiful!

I am Ivana and I am here to help you get prepared for motherhood like no one else!

I am a mother of twins and a postnatal depression survivor. This experience was frankly the worst experience of my life and something I don't wish anyone to ever have to go through.

However, I soon understood I wasn't the only new mum who was struggling. In fact, most new mothers are NOT happy in the early stages. Even if it doesn't go as far as depression...

Becoming a mother is a huge shock and in most cases, nothing like what we had expected. 

Media and the environment feed us with the illusion that a new mother experiences nothing but pure happiness from the first moment.

However, the reality is often different so if the feelings of happiness do not arrive right away, a mother feels like a failure and often suffers in silence.

it's a vicious circle.

So after I pulled out of depression, I decided to do something about it!

I set up Mumsjourney and have been helping mothers to set clear expectations, lower the risks of postnatal depression, and live happy and stress-free motherhood.

I am an award-nominated blogger, author of 'Motherhood - The Unspoken', motivational speaker, and NLP coach. I have been seen on various media outlets including BBC 3CR, TALKradio, Honest Mum Website, Independent Magazine, London Mums Magazine, to name a few.

I put this course together with an NHS midwife Marley Hall who offers a lot of valuable information on birth and how to make this experience better for you.

GET PREPARED FOR MOTHERHOOD LIKE NO ONE ELSE is your one-way ticket to explore real-life after the baby arrives that will hugely benefit you and your baby.

I have worked with mums for over 3 years and trust me when I say that 99% of them struggle in the first months due to unrealistic expectations and zero knowledge about the reality of motherhood.

Don't let it be the case for you too!

Enroll in the course today and get prepared for motherhood like no one else!

By the end of this course you will...

  • Be more confident as a mother than you ever imagined possible

  • Be fully empowered and armed to overcome any obstacle that might come your way

  • Notice significant reduction of stress, worries, sleepless nights, and physical tension

  • Master the little known secrets for happy and stress-free motherhood

  • Know how to reduce the risks and symptoms of postnatal depression

  • and much more!


What you said about my in-person workshop...

It exceeded my expectations

Anastasia Ward

'The course has met and exceeded my expectations. Very relevant, informative , and comprehensive. Thank you so much for your hard work.'

It was nice to have a male point of view

Beena Patel

'The course exceeded my expectations, I found all the parts very useful. It was also nice to have a male point of view.'

I found the advice reassuring

Sarah Ward

'I found the advice reassuring, nice to hear real stories. What I liked the most were real-life experiences and what feelings are natural and not to be too scared of them. '

It made me think about this possible result of motherhood

Laura O'Malley

'Having your personal stories and advice from the midwife. It made me think about this possible result of pregnancy/motherhood. It’s scary but I feel better for thinking about it now and not being taken by surprise if it does happen to me.'

Who this course is for:

Future mum who is keen to explore a real-life of a new mother with all its ups and downs, who wants to learn how to handle common struggles of a new mum, and who is not scared to face also some not so pretty facts people don't talk about but that is absolute gold for her and her baby.

Who this course is not for:

Expectant and longing mums who do not wish to explore the reality of early motherhood. 


  • How is this course different from antenatal classes?

    The antenatal classes provide a lot of valuable information on birth and how to look after a newborn. However, as even admitted by the NHS midwives, most of them don't offer information about life after the baby arrives, about the emotional changes that come with motherhood, or postnatal mental health. These are, however, crucial, and in my opinion, the most important info for a future mum to know. Because if she doesn't know what to expect, what emotions are ok to experience, or how to deal with the common issues that come with motherhood, she can easily fall into the feelings of guilt, failure, or even depression.

  • How can I know I will achieve all the results the course promises?

    If you are openminded, if you can listen and are willing to teach, the results are inevitable.

  • Why is it called Get Prepared for Motherhood Like No One Else?

    Because it contains information that is not spoken about in most perinatal classes and that can be life-changing for you and your baby.